Courses Guidelines & Registration Process

ATLS™ Courses Guidelines

ATLS™ provider status verifications are valid for (4) years from the date of issue.

The Provider Course is a (2) two-day continuing medical education program designed to train the physician in the early life saving modalities for patients who have been physically injured by trauma. This education offering has been approved for 17 Category One Hours, by the American College of Emergency Physicians and or the American College of Surgeons.

The Mobile (hybrid) mATLS®—the newest addition to the ATLS program—is comprised of 13 online modules designed to replace the interactive discussion component of the traditional ATLS course so that learners may complete it at their own pace. This is part of the Hybrid Student Course. After completion of these modules, learners will proceed to their registered course sites to complete the hands-on skills portion of the course following a prescribed 1.5-day skills practicum schedule.

Expect to spend approximately 9 hours in completing the course. This course is self-paced so you may go at your own speed to feel comfortable with all the material presented.

The Student Refresher Course is a (1/2) half-day continuing medical education program designed to update the previously ATLS trained physician. This educational offering has been approved for 5 Category One Hours, by the American College of Emergency Physicians and/or the American College of Surgeons.

The American College of Surgeons has incorporated a (6) six-month window to complete the re-verification process. You are allowed up to six months after the expiration date on your card to complete a student refresher course.

Registration Process:

1. Obtain the course dates and registrations forms by e-mail The coordinator will send registration materials via an attachment.

2. If paying the registration fee via check please US mail completed form and registration fee to the address stated on the registration form. Preferred form of payment is by check. You may also e-mail your completed registration forms to me at,

3. Upon receipt of your fully completed registration materials, the coordinator will notify you of course availability according to your choices, and confirm a course date with you. Your check will not be cashed until we speak with you, and you are confirmed into a course.

ATLS™ Courses are filled on a first come first serve basis. Payment is required with each completed registration form.

Refund Policy:

  1. 80% one month before the course date
  2. No refund thereafter
  3. Fees will not be refunded for failure to attend