Resident Trauma Paper Competition

Dear Members of the Trauma Community:

The CCOT would like to congratulate the residents and medical students on being selected to present their research for the 2020-21 trauma paper competition. This year we will have a virtual meeting using Zoom as a platform. The presentations will be over two days, one for the residents and fellows and on the other day we will have the medical student presentations. 

Resident and fellow order for presenting:

  1. Amy Holmstrom- Northwestern-2nd place
  2. Ali Abbasi- U of C
  3. Corinnr Bunn- Loyola
  4. Robert Keskey- U of C- 1st place
  5. Alexa Soult- Cook County
  6. Ann Polcari- U of C
  7. Jose Catano- UIC Metropolitan

Medical students order for presenting:

  1. Suchi Amin- Loyola
  2. Suchi Amin- Loyola
  3. Alexandria Byskosh- Northwestern
  4. Benjamin Stocker- Northwestern
  5. Amanda Garza- Loyola
  6. Hanna Weiss- Northwestern-2nd place
  7. Abbasi Ali-University of Chicago- 1st place

Nabil Issa, MD

David Hampton, MD

Samuel Kingsley, MD

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